Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Enjoy the start of fall -- go apple and pumpkin picking!

Labor Day has come and gone, the leaves here in my backyard are starting to change color, and the muggy heat is gone. We're just around the corner from the start of fall.

Growing up, my sister and I couldn't wait for autumn because we knew it meant we'd soon be going apple picking with our mom. Even though we weren't allowed to buy them just yet -- they would never have lasted through Halloween -- we'd also love looking at the pumpkins and knew it meant colder weather and Halloween were getting close!

Though my little guy is only eight weeks old, we'll be bundling him up sometime in the next few weekends and taking him to the orchard while we go apple picking. I'll post my favorite recipe using fresh apples and a few pics from the trip soon after. The recipe has never failed me, and that's saying a lot considering my mom still has the handwritten version we got from my kindergarten teacher.

Living in New England, we're just starting up the season for Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Cortland, and a few other types of apples. Pumpkins are generally going to start being sold in the next few weeks, but if you're going to buy them right away, I wouldn't count on them lasting until Halloween, but they're great for just sitting on steps outside or even painting. If you head out in the next few weeks, many farms also do hayrides for maybe $1 or $2 per person. It's worth it for the scenery! You can also probably get your hands on some locally made cider, and at some places, watch the process happen. Delicious!

Wherever you live -- even if you're not lucky enough to be in New England -- there are places to pick your own seasonal fruits and veggies. Not only is the weather beautiful, it's a cheap afternoon out with the family, and besides the fun of picking (and possibly snacking on one or two) apples, you get to take what you buy home and create something delicious and fun. Support your local growers, and pick your own!

For local "followers," around Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, I've personally been to these places and recommend them. Check out:

Maple Lane Farms -- Preston, Connecticut
Holmberg Orchards -- Gales Ferry, Connecticut
Charlton Orchards -- Charlton, Massachusetts

Find your local orchards, farms and places to "pick your own," no matter where you live at http://www.pickyourown.org!



i would love to be in NE in the fall! gorgeous! we always go to this local place, walsh farms, and take the hayride out to pick the pumpkins from the patch. it's wonderful.

thanks for visiting me at SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB! i love visitors! hopefully i can talk you into sticking around!

ps i love your blog. i love SIMPLE and UNCLUTTERED. do you think mine is too busy? i always obsess over it.

pss good luck with that sweet baby. adorable.

pretty in ink said...

I would love to go apple picking when we come visit! We don't have stuff like that down here. It depresses me. Hopefully tho, when we come up, we will get a little taste of the fall again! I can't wait to move back!