Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple picking with family

We decided since this weekend was beautiful -- 65-70 degrees and extra sunny -- to take our two-month old apple picking. My parents also came with us and we had a blast, in part because we didn't go last year and I hadn't been with my parents since I was a little kid. We took turns holding the baby and picking apples, and took home about two pounds of Macintosh apples from Holmberg Orchards in Gales Ferry, Connecticut.

If you're planning to go out and pick apples before the season's up, head out soon. Many of what you may find are drops (apples that have already hit the ground), but just as good as long as there aren't any signs of rot or worm holes (obviously).

In some places, there may also be some raspberry crop left though we weren't able to find much in the way of ripe fruit.

We did also see nectarines, pears and peaches, as well as grape tomatoes.

I'll also be posting a recipe made with the apples that we picked in the next post (coming in a few minutes), but for now figured I'd share some of our pictures. It was a beautiful day to "pick your own!"

The pictures are pretty self explanatory. The people in them are myself, my husband, and my parents. And baby Johnny, of course.

To find your local spots for "pick your own" apples, pumpkins, corn stalks, raspberries and all the other in-season fruits and vegetables, visit!


Amanda said...

Grandpa and grandson, too cute!

Deidra said...

I'm sorry but omg the one where Johnny is crying is so cute!!!