Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to Madame Menu!

Welcome! Thanks for checking out my new blog, Madame Menu. I hope you like what you see, and will keep checking back!

Before I posted my first recipe, I wanted to add in a little disclaimer: I am not a chef. I didn’t go to culinary school. I have no training. I am by no means a professional chef/sous chef/baker, and I don’t claim to be. I just happen to be a wife and (new) mom who cooks dinner most nights. Many times when I've told people what I planned to make, they've asked for the recipe. This is my chance to pass those on! Most of the recipes I’ll be posting here are those that I’ve come up with and made myself and loved.

Occasionally, there will be recipes posted that aren’t mine, and those will be specially noted and credited to whomever supplied me with them. I am very lucky to have so many women in my family who are excellent in the kitchen, and they’ve shared some of their favorites with me. When those are posted, they will include the same detail as my own recipes.

The ingredients I use are always from an average supermarket. Unless noted, they are products that are carried in most stores, and should be available almost everywhere.

If ever I post a recipe and you are unsure of what I mean in a particular step, or don't know what a specific ingredient is, please ask! I'm very willing to answer any questions!

Again, thanks for checking out my blog, and please leave some feedback!

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